Art at Martin de Porres

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There Is Strength in Our Unity

Step into a world where the brilliance of art transcends the chaos of our times.

In an era where the shadows of wickedness threaten to overshadow wisdom and violence jeopardizes the security of the vulnerable, we choose to be a beacon of light. At the Martin de Porres Center, witness the power of unity as we bring together diverse artists, each a testament to the extraordinary strength found in our shared humanity.

Our current show, Strength in Our Unity, celebrates the enduring spirit that binds us. Embrace the art, embrace the message and join us in fostering a future filled with unity and peace. This exhibit runs now through December 31, 2023.

Experience the Power of Collective Collaboration

Join us on this journey towards a world where commonalities triumph over differences and where unity prevails over discord.

In a world where conflicts arise, nations and communities sometimes resort to harsh methods and less honorable means to establish their influence; art becomes a powerful expression of a simple truth: there is strength in finding common ground. We firmly believe that we are better off together. In our unity lies the strength and peace our world desperately desires.

This exhibition is not just a display of artistic prowess. It displays the power of voices raised in hope and prayer for global unity and lasting peace. As you explore the captivating works on display, let the message resonate within you – a reminder that, even in the face of adversity, there is beauty in diversity and strength in togetherness.