Rising Youth

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Fueling Futures: Cultivating a Secure and Dynamic Youth Community

Welcome to Rising Youth, our free after-school experience tailored for students aged 11-18. Our mission is to fortify a healthier and safer community for students by guiding them through education, leadership and fostering an environment of emotional support. Our comprehensive program goes beyond the ordinary, offering tutoring, mentoring, leadership training, career guidance and emotional support through mental health therapy sessions for holistic personal and academic development.

Inspiring Minds, Building Leaders: Welcome to Rising Youth

Our weekly sessions, held twice a month on Thursdays (September – May) at the Martin de Porres Center, create a nurturing environment where students learn to excel academically and flourish personally. We offer convenient transportation from several participating schools and dinner to all students during meetings.

Blaze a Trail

Ignite the Future With Rising Youth

Rising Youth gives students a safe space to dialogue about crucial social themes, foster awareness, develop critical thinking and hold meaningful discussions. Join us in shaping a brighter, more empowered future. Let’s cultivate a community where every student can flourish and thrive. Rising Youth offers experiences like:

  • It Takes a Village:
      • Engaging in conversation with educators, student ambassadors, parents, leaders and volunteers.
      • Biannual sessions fostering collaborative ideas for enhanced youth community support.
      • Dinner provided for a conducive and supportive environment.
  • BE Your Future Wanted:
      • Youth-centric evening for exploration and development.
      • Direct interaction with professionals in diverse career fields.
      • Emphasis on trade, technology and alternative paths like accreditations and certifications.
  • Physical & Mental Health Challenges:
      • Independent activities for students that promote physical and mental well-being.
      • Engaging workouts such as “Walk 30 Miles in 30 Days.”
      • Organized decluttering and arts activities to promote mental clarity and focus the mind.